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Heavenly Handspinning Tools Old and New

One Great tote bag for all of our spinners, Has one outside pocket and double sided zipper that makes to bag easy to get in and out of. Its a sturdy padded canvas with heavy straps and velcro padded handle. We love this thing, its easy to pack everything you need while spinning away from home.


Price $37.00 


Size 12 x 12 x 12 inches

Overlock / Blindstitch Soft Tote Bage

Heavy duty canvas, Nylond webbing and double zipper closure 

Super slider hooks

From small to large we have hooks for what you spin.


Standard Size is 1/2 inch 


Medium Size is 3/4 inch 


Large size for XXL seris are 1 inch

2 Slders for 3/8 inch flier arms, Excelsior, Arrow, Gen2 and all older spinners and treadle wheels

2 Sliders for XXL series spinners Grand Excelsior, XXL Scotch, XXL Irish and old Neo Lana Spinners $17.50

Triflow Oil 


Pick the Size needed for your oiling pleasure.

Teflon oil one drop is all you'll need.


1/4 oz bottle for those that oil sparingly

2 oz bottle for those that love IT.... :-)

Drive Bands

Drive bands for Standard and XXL series Spinner, Even urethane 6 foot lengths for most  treadle wheels 


Standard fit Excelsior, Arrow, Gen2 and all old first gen spinners


XXL Series Drive Bands fit Grand Excelsior, XXL Scotch, XXLIrish and old Neo Lana


Urethane Drive Band is a 6 ft length of drive band for tradle wheels or build you own.

Scotch Flier for Excelsior and Arrow

Complete with sliders, if you'd like hooks instead just let us know when placing your order


Price $48.00



Irish Flier for Gen2

Complete with sliders, if you'd like hooks instead just let us know when placing your order

Standard Size is 1/2 inch 


Price  $45.00

Power Supply for all Whisper Series Sytems

110 and 220 volt Compatible 


Price  $25.00

6ft Communcation Cable all Whisper Series Sytems

This cable is for suppling power between the spinner and controller or 

Between the Battery and Controller or any other device like the Whisper V and Whisper Stop.


Price  $17.00

Car Adapter 

Used for powering your Spinner while on the road.


Price  $14.00

Whisper Pulley 



Price  $7.50

Scotch Tension String (Waxed Cotton)


Price  $7.50

Replacement Tension strap


Price  $7.50

Ball Bearing For Meggies


Price  $6.50

Oring Whorl Stop for Meggie and Calypso 


Price  $3.50

Easy twist for Gen2 and Excelsior Irish Tension 


Price  $5.00

Twist Keeper for all Wheels


Price  $4.50

Orifice Reducer 

Please select your size below


Price  $9.50

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