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It is our sincere desire to offer heirloom quality, affordable fiber tools. We strive to enable as many people as possible to enjoy the art of spinning and processing fiber by keep amazing well crafted products affordable.

Please read Our Story at the bottom of this page to learn more.


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Jan & Richard Ford 


Shop the best most well crafted spinners available today


Everyone likes big bobbins:-) Our bobbins range from 18-28 ounces.

Lazy Kates

Solid Oak, Something to pass down to your next fiber atrtist.


Totes Bags, Oil, Power Supplies and the Like.


Hackles and Combs

Hackles and Combs, made with pins that do not bend

Kick Spindles

The Meggie and Calypso Kick Spindles, a great way to start you Journey.

Blending Boards

A truley ergonomic well designed blending board


Drop Spindles

Where we all start and collect like baseball cards


Our Story 


During the Summer of 2004 Jan discovered the art of handspinning and had a desire to produce yarn to be used in knitting and crocheting projects with her daughter Meagan. That's When the search for a spinning wheel began. However after much searching and to Jan's dismay we found that most, if not all quality tools were out of our budget.  Being a young family we could not justify spending $1000.00 for a new craft. Jan and I quickly realized that many folks were in the same position. Purchasing a spinning wheel or any device that made spinning easier and more fun was simply out of reach. With Jan's creativity and my engineering expertise we went to work...  Our first project was small... To refine a Mother Marion style kick spindle, that had a small footprint and a nice long spin,  The Meggie was born. The Meggie has become a staple in just about every fiber artist's heard and we ship them around the world today. And that's where it all started :-)



One thing is for certain, the Fords strive to offer exceptional cutting edge products, but  more importantly they keep them affordable. With Richard's background in Medical device and Automotive manufacturing, he is able to produce products in a streamlined efficient method. This enables Heavenly Handspinning to have the ability to offer fiber tools at a reasonable price and fair margin, without taking advantage of a niche market or it's customers.


Thank You to our Heavenly Handspinning family and friends for enabling us to grow and bless others....



Richard and Jan Ford 

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