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It is our sincere desire to offer heirloom quality, affordable fiber tools. We strive to enable as many people as possible to enjoy the art of spinning and processing fiber. We can be contacted at info@heavenlyhandspinning.com also please join our Facebook group and Facebook page to interact and discuss your projects with our H&H Family.....


Jan & Richard Ford 



Navitas Hybrid spinner, Vespera and Vespera XXL with Whisper series motors and controllers... Sweet :-)

The Best Selling E-spinner on the market, the Vespera and its great big sister the Vespera XXL now are equiped with the Whisper controller and super quiet Whisper motor. Both spinners are available in Oak, Zebrawood, Walnut and Maple. Both spinners have the option to use a hooked flier for art yarns and really chunky stuff.(Sold separately in Accessories) The XXL can spin 1 pound of fiber. From lace to bulky art. The Standard Verspera can spin the same from 6-8 oz.


Vespera XXL

Navitas Hybrid

The New Navitas Hybrid Spinner, Vespera and Vespera XXL Whisper 

The New Whisper Series Motor. is an amazing new system develped for customers. This new system is quiet and versatile, with spinning or plying switch. The new controller can also be used as a hand or foot control. All with a new battery pack option that can fit in your carry bag. 


 Whisper & Whisper Jr.            Conversion Kits 

Whisper and Whisper Jr. conversion kit.

(Everything needed to get started)

Whisper Controller, Wall transformer, Drive band, Motor Assembly and Power cable.. (Hardware and DIY template included, or simply send it to us and we'll do it for you. Just pay shipping)


Whisper Battery Pack

Available in 3000 mah and 6000 mah.

These batteries are about the size of your cell phone just a little thicker.


Vespera & Vespera XXL Whisper Jr. Conversion Kit    Price  $145.00

Navitas Whisper Jr. Conversion Kit    Price  $155.00

Vespera & Vespera XXL Whisper Conversion Kit    Price  $175.00

Whisper 3000 mah Battery  Price $45.00   (Runtime approx 6 hours)

Whisper 6000 mah Battery  Price $75.00   (simply lasts twice as long)

Modern Double Treadle Wheels... Hand Selected Solid Wood.

Tree of Life

A Beautiful Solid oak spinning wheel with a tree of life carved into the wheel.




A wonderful Maple wheel with a Cherry Blossom branch carved into the wheel.



Navitas Elec.

The only Hybrid treadle-able electric wheel on the market. It is amazing!!! Now with Whisper Motor and Controller.




This is where we started. This wheel is a new take on an old concept.



Mother Marion / Kick Spindles and Meggies 


A complete ball bearing design implemented into an age old concept. The Calypso is a great kick spindle that spins long and is Beautiful.

Oak Meggie

Sold the world over this little lady travels well. This Mother Marion spinner is know as Meggie and has a following like no other.


A Mahogany Meggie that looks like creamy hot chocolate when oiled......



                                                                                                                                  Hackles and Combs, Click on pictures to purchase ;-) Note this will link to our Etsy shop to purchase.


2 Pitch Combs

Art Hackles



Made to Work...  Load your fiber to the tips without fear of bending pins.

The most robust full size Combs and Hackles on the market. You can load these tools with fiber to the tip, doing so optimizes the area of the comb and hackle. Therefore holding 3-4 times more fiber than a much larger tool. Enginnered to optimize performance we use a custom designed pins specialy created for Heavenly Handspinning. The pins are heat treated chrome molley high carbon steel. Not finishing nails or stainless wire that is prone ot bend. These pins are tapered and spaced to make working a large variety of fibers quick and easy. 




Blending Board   Voted best new product, First Ergonomic board on the market... Click on pictures to purchase ;-)

Blending Boards

If you know Heavenly Handspinning, You'll understand why we can not be content with just applying carding fabric to a slab of wood.... There has to be a benifit to our products so we engineered one of the most ergonomic boards on the market loaded with features.




Drop Spindles, Click on Images to Purchase.

Silver Spoke

This rugged ole cowboy remides me of watching an old western on TV. Well balanced and tough.




Little Joe

Another great wagon wheel spindle. Unique spoked whorl, brings back memories of Bonanza!


Beautiful Maple whorl with a celtic cross design.




Her name is Trixie and she's a sassy gal.. Beautiful mahogany drop spindle.

Sweet Lu

Simple, Lovely top whorl drop spindle.



Lazy Kates, Click on Images to purchase.

Oak Tensioned Lazy Kate

Maple Lazy Kate

XXL Lazy Kate

A Wonderful Companion to our wheels and spinners, these little beauties are made of solid hardwood that we handpick ourselves. Just for you...




Parts & Accessories, Tune Up Kits, Fliers and Bobbins etc.

The Winding Tree   Adjustable Skein Winder..... Click on Image to Purchase.


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